Saturday, January 01, 2005

Well, when we left Oklahoma yesterday

it was 73 degrees and partly cloudy. A bit blustery (some fool mentioned that the windchill was 67 - snort!), but I let the baby crawl around in the yard and we enjoyed the fabulous weather. Thursday Rosie and I went for a walk in my uncle's pasture and looked at his cows. And his chickens, pheasants and goats. The steers were there anyway, but apparently that other group keeps... Well, never mind, I don't want my blog to take that route.

Anyway, everything was pretty pleasant until we left our motel in Bethany, MO this morning, The Family Budget Inn if you care, and headed north. The Iowegians greeted us with an ice storm which persisted all the way through the state and they sent it well into Minnesota after us.

We thought we were clear of the storms, but they found us just as we were finishing unloading the truck (in the garage - ha ha!) and unleashed a torrent of sleat in their anger. The Guardians of Minnesota seem to have driven them off now, by the expedient of dropping the temperature below 20.

I think they were trying to get us to spend our money in Iowa, but we got out without paying any tribute money to them.

KSTP says Strange weather continues, including some thunderstorms.

So now you know why.

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