Sunday, January 16, 2005

I can't believe I'm considering another post

at this ungodly hour, but David at The Bugbear Zone has some important advice on self-defense that people need to read.

Oh, on that subject, here's an email I sent to my sister:

I recently bought a self-defense video that basically shows that you should
forget all punches and hand strikes (except the poke-in-the-eye, which you
should practice daily--a loose flick of the middle finger into the eye) in
favor of elbows (to the chin, solar-plexus, temple and ear), knees to the
groin and outside of the thigh and stomping kicks to the knee and arch of
the foot.

Oh, and the head-butt, forward and backward to the nose or chin.

Do one or two (in combination) of the above and then run like hell. The
point is to disable and escape.

Now you know how to defend yourself.