Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Interesting quote from S. E. Parker's The Egoist: No. 10, 1988:

I do not deny that racial differences exist, nor that being of the Caucasian race is one of my qualities. These are facts which have to be taken into account if I want to see things clearly. The cult of ethno-masochism whose adherents ask for punishment because of the colour of their skins, or because of misdeeds allegedly committed in the past by others of the same racial stock, is not my scene. Race as a neo-Hegelian and purposive category, however, is a different matter. I no more accept its existence than I do race eleveated into some kind of mystical soul, or race as a source of pseudo-identity for those who seek to gain a power that is not their own. Having rid myself of the delusion of equality I am not about to take on other delusions in its place.

Amen, brother. I get my Stirner and his intellectual descendants from The Memory Hole.
Slogan of the day:

Individualize World Peace.

Original with me so far as I know.
I almost said it's been a slow day. That was an hour ago.

Many rants have been passed over during the past month because I haven't had the time to sit and blog.

During lunch today, I spent the time contemplating the greatness of my virtue in not tossing my empty milk bottle into the nearest recycle bin. It's trash and recycling day in this neck of Northern Suburbia, and everybody had their bins out at the curb for pick-up. I decided it would be best not to presume that my waste would be welcome in somebody else's bin.

I believe, with the Randians, that "the moral is the practical" and that by behaving in that way I was indeed behaving morally. I read a debate once between James J. Martin... No, it was S. E. Parker, a Stirnerian egoist, and Robert LeFevre, founder of the Freedom School, in which Mr. Parker asserts that morality is not important, it is expediency that counts. (I'm going to reread the debate right after I finish my point.)
This strikes me as a false dichotomy. I believe that that which works to promote my longterm happiness is moral. My egoist morality kept me from possibly irritating the neighbors around where I take my lunchtime stroll, thus encouraging them to get even with me in some way, perhaps by yelling at me from their window. I walk to enjoy peace, pleasure and exercise, I don't want unpleasantness to intrude. The temptation was strong and I resisted it, but this does not constitute a validation of my morality.

Here, just a minute....

Friday, July 25, 2003

I just read some great news on the Mises Blog: Shawn Ritenour's piece says, "Deflation: if it comes it comes...."
The majority of Japanese, who have not lost their jobs with their [uncompetitive in the free market] companies, are enjoying the increase in the value of their money and forcing improvement in the goods and services they receive for their yen. Saving is rewarded under deflation.
Actually, I'm going to copyright Remember Job! (c) 2003. But I'll be permissive about granting... the term is "permissions".
Remember Job!

I'm beginning to see the value of forgiveness and patience as virtues. And the opportunity to sell bumper stickers with the previously mentioned slogan. Race ya!
Sorry about the gap. Vacation, catching up with work after the vacation and some interesting personal difficulties kept me from writing. If the personal difficulties had been boring I'd tell you about them. Unfortunately they were not.

It makes it exceedingly difficult to write when the most exciting thing in your life can't be talked about.

A red herring: my wife is pregnant. That makes me nervous.