Saturday, January 22, 2005

Since I don't know how much traffic

Grandpa John's gets, I feel the need to direct all I can muster to the Swiss Family Burri. Lance and Todd* do great, thoughtful (thought-full) posts on their own blogs, but they still see fit to join their Uncle Steve in adding wonderful content the site. Jack (Grandpa John) has been MIA for months now, apparently emulating Howard Hughes as best he can (hopefully not for the same reason, but I'm not in any position to know).

In any case, Lance has an awesome round-up of articles on Social Security reform that is worthy of notice by itself (and another)... Anyone interested in that debate will be well-fortified with amunition by reading those articles. (I think he's got his own as well, but I'm not finding it. I'll stuff it in this spot if he'll tell me where it is.)

*"This URL is the test. When you can type its length... with no trace of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome... you will have learned." More posts, though, boy. Hwa-tshh!