Friday, January 14, 2005

Tips not to 86 at 86 Tips.

I rather like this one, being one who is always amazed at the effrontery of people who use intimate terms with people they just met (ax-murderers really do exist):

[Oops! Dammit! I originally forgot to include this part]:
Attention all Patrons: A Code of Conduct
You are absolutely, positively not allowed to:

3. Call me "Sweetheart", "Darling", "Baby" or "Honey." I told you what my name is. You may use it, or you can call me miss. Hell, you don't have to call me anything. Just say Please and Thank you for god's sakes. (If was your girlfriend, I would cost you a lot more than the $10.00 tip you're going to leave me...if you're going to leave me a 50.00 tip you can call me whatever you want, let's just get the 50.00 up front, Okay?)

Adult themes lately. "Be careful out there."

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