Saturday, January 01, 2005

Sorry for being such a lazy slug,

but I needed to go see my mother in Muskogee. (Oklahoma, in case you didn't know. USA. Home of steers and queers according to the drill sergeant in An Officer and a Gentleman.)

I wasn't in town for two hours before everything went to s***. A foundry furnace blew up rather spectacularly ["...[T]hat shattered windows up to a mile away and was felt up to 45 miles away." I wasn't kidding when I said "spectacularly" folks. We're talkin' mushroom cloud, collapsed neighbors' houses and everything... Cinder-blocks landing half a mile away. The two buildings that were destroyed were about the size of a city block each.], fortunately and unfortunately killing only the two men working on it. It was 8:00 PM so no regular shift workers were there.

The Muskogee Phoenix has a wonderful article about the two men who died, Ernesto Alonzo Chavez, 24, and Joachin Prado, 38, but apparently it hasn't been archived yet. The death notices are here.

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