Friday, January 14, 2005

This comment needs to be a post.

Dude! No mustard fans out there?

CPF talks about the music he listened to every day. I'm gonna talk about the mustard I ate.

Or, to paraphrase Hank Hill, mustard and mustard accessories (a very broad category which would include the food I put it on).

My wife ridicules my affinity for mustard, but she's just a fool in that regard. And she sucks at housework and - the skill I particularly excel in - not making a mess, but she's a pretty good accountant, a great shopper ("bargains" account for most of the mess, actually), she laughs at my jokes (the fact that she even gets them sets her apart from the crowd) and she's great... Well, maybe I'd better stop there. Bad enough I post some of the pictures I do.

So now that I've whetted your appetites, what the hell mustard did I eat? Sadly and unbelievably, none today.

I'll have some for breakfast in the morning... with milk.