Sunday, January 09, 2005

Well, the stinkin' Vikings played like they should today.


The local sports media had no confidence in them, but I suspected they had it in 'em. Mr. Moss showed once again that he ain't good for nothin' but scorin' touchdown. Actually, he's become a pretty good blocker in the past couple years too.

Mr. Favre has singlehandedly revived the art of throwing interceptions. Are his receivers complete rockheads, or is it his fault?

I'd be completely inconsolable but the baby has been particularly funny tonight. She mimics the intonation of normal speech very well, but she still hasn't mastered any real words beyond "Mommy," "Daddy," "'Liina," "dolly" and "thank you" (which she seems to think means "gimme that!" though it's hard to get angry with such a polite girl). She definitely understands "no no" and "Not in the mouth!"

We finally got around to taking down our dehydrated old Scotch Pine Christmas Tree tonight. (I think I implied a lie to somebody about having done that before now.) Anyway, Aliina wanted to play with the decorations and started crying when we told her, "No no!"

The wife rushed to pick her up and Aliina looked at me with her most pitiful hurt-face, but I just broke out laughing. Laurie, who was cooing and cuddling her, looked at me and started laughing too, then Rosie joined in and finally even the baby joined us.

Terrible crisis averted. Important life lesson learned, but if you can't figure it out... Well, I don't feel like boring everybody by spelling it out.

Besides that the wife wants me to carry the clean laundry up the stairs.