Saturday, January 08, 2005

It makes me sad.

TTLB fixed the glitch that was inflating my incoming hits by counting all the times I've linked my own archives.

I was deeply proud to be a Flappy Bird. I knew it was crap, but I figured everybody was in the same boat, so at least the rankings were accurate. Those haven't changed much, but all our self-images have taken a hit as we've discovered our degree of evolutionary perfection was an illusion.

Now I've got to claw my way back up the the evolutionary scale the hard way. By writing things that people care about.

Flibber-de-floo, as Grumpy Old Man would say.

Whoops! It's Saturday night! I wonder if Rodolfo's got anything good. Hey, Rodolfo! Somebody visited me from the middle of the freakin' Amazon jungle, was that you?

Nope, nothing suitable there. Let's try...

Here's one, the cover of an Italian Magazine called Max:
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