Monday, January 03, 2005

Crap, kids!

I keep reading great stuff today that changes the direction of my thinking.

I give up.

Humor and good philosophy (and all its subcategories):
LibertyBob. Chronology isn't a problem. Start at the top or the bottom. Maybe it's timeless. Hard to say.

Humorous politics ("liberals need not apply"):
This guy's lookin' for a permanent link here, and he just may get it. Just read it. Here's his Title and... Whattaya call it? A tagline? "Peace For Our Time:
Shedding appeasement's chains, Blogging because evil is powerless if the good are unafraid."

Gut, Gell'?!

Gotta use the old Kraut every now and then, just to keep in practice. BTW, jokes about it sounding 'better in the original German'...? Just keep in mind whose side the Germans are on today. (Good help in Afghanistan, though. I don't ignore that. Whatever help wherever, eh?)

Political economy:
Tom Sowell. I like to read him here. If you don't like them (but, please, give them a try), he's also available here. Have I mentioned that I worship the ground he walks on? Him and Walter Williams. Sowell's the better writer (it's close), Williams is awesome on the radio.

Pacifism with a Human Face [needs scare-quotes: "pacifism"--it's radical libertarianism (or Paleo-{American} Conservatism--Jeffersonianism, according to Steven den Beste--I doubt that anybody would argue]:
Justin Raimondo: read Today's Conservatives Are Fascists. What are we aiming for? Clintonian "liberals" weren't worse, he thinks.

I disagree, somewhat, but we're aiming for the same goal. The latter link hits me between the eyes.

And don't miss Lileks today. I never do.

All right, let 'er rip.

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