Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I notice that the trolls at

Diplomad have one, well, make it two, argument(s): ad hominem ("He's a fraud!") and the Straw Man ("If you believe him, your're a racist, sexist, homophobe, conservative Christian who's never traveled farther than the next county!"). OK, both arguments are sprinkled heavily with Snob Appeal ("We know that YOU're to smart to fall for his argument").

Kids? Those are all fallacies.

Libertarians and a lot of Right Wingers value logic very highly, and we've looked into these things. Deal with the argument of your opponent directly. Show where he's asking you to prove a negative. Make the bones of fallacy and logic clear for all to see. If you try to use rhetorical tricks, you allow your opponent to get away with rhetorical tricks.

Most importantly, remember that the fans of your opponent view you as the enemy. Your goal is to persuade them. Your irrational display of emotion doesn't convince conservatives, or libertarians, of the correctness of your position, nor does it make them feel any shame. It only convinces them (us) that you should be locked up.

We have the reins of power, and we'll get to you eventually.

As a libertarian (I don't believe in locking up crazy people, only dangerous ones), I know that there are reasons to despise George Bush, but, with your behavior in lumping good reasons with dumb tripe, you encourage me to ignore the good ones.