Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wow! I ran across this Web-Publication, Global Politician,

via a Google-News search on Alfredo Stroessner which was inspired by this Telegraph article on Pinochet's latest arrest.

I love their "About GP" statement. Excerpt:

The journal is intended to be academic and non-biased. However, we do not believe that objectivity means supporting all sides equally, and our writers do support or oppose policies and politicians when circumstances require such. In fact, it is our belief that claiming that all sides have an equal claim is often not only wrong, but also ignorant.

Global Politician allows its writers to express opinions that differ from that of the Editors. We believe that by presenting different view-points, we allow the readers to understand all sides of the story.

My emphasis.

Don't miss Terrorism's Triple-Border Sanctuary: Islamists Organize World Terror from Bases in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay 12/13/2004 By Thomas Muirhead, a rather worrisome account of growing activities of many international terror organizations in that region, although US attention has chased a number of terrorists into Brazil.
In reaction to the growth of terrorist connections in the area all three of the countries involved have begun to take the situation seriously. All three have made border controls tighter and the issuing of visas has become a more thorough affair. In recent years, the antiterrorist departments of the three countries' police forces (the so-called "Tripartite Command") have worked jointly to exert stricter controls on the activities of foreign nationals in the area. However the biggest real threat to the operating cells in the area is the new found interest the United States is taking in the area. Paraguay’s foreign minister, Jose Antonio Moreno, recently stated that 40 FBI agents had arrived in Paraguay and were headed to Ciudad del Este. It has also been suggested that US troops are working with the respective national military in both training and active faculties. We can only wait and see if these acts will prove sufficient to curb terrorist activity in the region.

The article continues to cite specific cases of terrorists captured and subsequently escaping to Brazil while out on bail.

Looks like an excellent resource. I'll have to put them on my link list.

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