Thursday, December 23, 2004

Russ Nelson, The Angry Economist

(whose link I forgot to revive when I had my site redone, and hence haven't been keeping up with) wrote a good post back in November about Political vs. Economic Power, which makes a good general statement of whiggism.
If you believe, as I do, that the best society is created when power (of all stripes) is widely distributed, then you'll prefer economic power to political power. The process of exercizing economic power acts to redistribute it. Political power, however, tends to become concentrated.

He gives this example:
A wealthy person does not automatically have economic power. Simply buying something is not expressing one's economic power. You have to buy something whose value others do not agree with. For example, if you build an ordinary house in an ordinary location, you are simply buying a house. If you hire Frank Lloyd Wright to create Fallingwater, you are using your economic power to create something that perhaps nobody values but you.

Fallingwater is just awesome if you've never seen it, at least in pictures, but I digress.

There are only two more paragraphs to the post, I rather like the first one as well, but I won't bring it over here, and I despair of my ability to express it better.

He links some good writers too. Check them out.

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