Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Walter Williams was on Taxpayer's League Live

last Saturday! [There's a button for livestreaming at the above link. Unless it's between 9:00 and 11:00 AM CST when you read this, it's not on now, dummy.] David Strom and Margaret Martin (President and First Lady of the Minnesota Taxpayer's League) interviewed Williams about his history growing up in South Philadelphia (where his mother warned him not to be like that silly Bill Cosby). I only regretted that they didn't delve into economics more, though they did some of that. Although, since I was raking my yard at the time (getting my last sunburn of the year on the last sunny, 40+ degree day of the year) maybe I was a bit distracted.

Come to think of it, their show is in the morning. I was babysitting the kids then while my wife was working out. I was raking while the Northern Alliance guys and Dave Thompson were competing for my attention in the afternoon. I hate that, but it would be worse if one or the other of them weren't on at all.

The NARN guys will be covering for Hugh Hewitt tonight. I don't think they'll be up against Dave, but who knows.

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