Tuesday, December 14, 2004

HTML for ™

Commenters help me out:

[Y]ou make the trademark symbol by typing an ampersand "&", then the pound sign "#", the number "153" and finish with a semicolon. It should look like this ™. I spread it out above because puting it together may just appear as the trademark symbol in your comments. That would have been mean (therefore funny).
LibertyBob | Homepage | 12.06.04 - 12:14 am | #


whoa! Just dropped by to see how you're doing... toys! :D

& trade; (minus the space) works as well. ™
Deb | Email | Homepage | 12.06.04 - 4:09 am | #


I felt the need to make that a post because HaloScan comments aren't permanent. Though I like their simplicity to much to go with another system. From now on, if I need to archive them permanently, I'll do something like this post.

If you think your posts should be permanent, Blogger's comments, though a PITA (pain in the ass), are the thing to use.

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