Thursday, December 09, 2004

I've been taking Minnesota Politics for granted

but these guys haven't: The Taxpayers' League of Minnesota.

I mention them because I brought up the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights in a comment at Lance Burri's. (Whom I would have nominated at the best new blog of 2004 if I knew how. I need to take some essay writing lessons from that guy. I'm pretty much a blurb writer myself. - Do I need to make "blurb" a WOD? -- Yeah, I'm still a suck-up.)

The TABOR, as it's known is in place in Colorado, and it save them from a lot of trouble during the last economic down-turn.

Are there any Minnesota bloggers who want to engage in a little give and take on this issue? I know the Northern Alliance is all for it - the Taxpayers' League pays for their web-streaming after all, but I'd like to see some fleshing out of the debate. Let's put some meat on these bones!

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