Friday, December 03, 2004

The world is full of links today.

I've been all over the frickin' blogosphere. Here's a recommendation: check out all the top people on Wizbang's Blog Awards. Check out the top two in each category to make sure you're ready for next year's contest.

But LibertyBob, maybe you shouldn't. You're too good as you are, you don't need any influences you aren't already suffering from. [I believe that ending sentences with prepositions is an ur-English thing to do.]

This is important: conservatives, libertarians, liberals and "liberals", need to consider this analysis of the last election and the history of modern liberalism. Imagine a Lyle Wagner flair in that last anouncement.

Key point: dump the commies. Of course they forgot that insisting that you're not a commie, while insisting upon all the commies' policy prescriptions, doesn't exempt you from the label "commie".

By the way, this is not a complete waste of LifeForce(tm) [How do you do that (TM) thing again, LB?], though you may be tempted to think so when you first see it. Very entertaining. I'm seriously trying to write a post, while this thing loads and plays in fits and starts.

That's a ringing endorsement from a Minnesotan, so I'd listen up! [Coach talk is not quite un-Minnesotan. We recognize (quietly--no need to make enemies) the need for corporal punishment.]

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