Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ah, Satire!

'Twas awhile before Channaramakwanzmas:

GL refers to "garage logic". Follow the links to learn more about that. It's a conservative talk radio show.

Morghanne Q.E. Wolfe-Slattery, Euphorian

'Twas awhile before Channaramakwanzmas

and all through the sustainable community,

not a Euphorian was thinking of anything but pure equity.

My current life partner and the developing persons all three

Had removed our helmets and were drinking ginkobiloba tea.

We-as a team had just done the dishes,

With dish soap organic-to not hurt the fishes.

When suddenly I felt the dwelling unit shake

I knew by the sound-Santa had made a mistake!

I ran through the yard,

where there was no sign of Christmas at all

Said come down-where-s your helmet-you'll certainly fall!

You've made a mistake-this community's P.C.

Nowhere here will you find a Christmas tree.

We celebrate the all-inclusive Euphorian holiday

Channaramakwanzmas offends no one-no how- no way!

Please leave here now-you are not welcome here

Unless you free those poor repressed reindeer

And the elves-while you're at it...overworked, underpaid

And Mrs. Claus-is she anymore than your maid?

Santa looked at me then and said-seemly frayed

What-s this Euphorian holiday you nuts have made?

Hold on-Santa said-you can't do this to me!

The GLers will stop you-they’ll set Christmas free

This is not how it goes-my Euphorian friends

So I must insist that this story now ends!!!

Happy Channaramakwanzmas!

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