Saturday, December 18, 2004

Scraping along in the muck at the bottom

of the TTLB Ecosystem, I've found a few "Microbes" worthy to be elevated to higher levels of being.

This gentleman is doing too much deep thinking to be left there, even if he does admit that it's casuistry: Legal Philosophy Blog, Davis Nelson, proprietor.

It looks like this Christian blogger is being ignored and his writing is too good for that. Give him a look: Zeitgeist vs. Nomos.

Huh? I really didn't believe that Omni could be devoid of any links. But maybe here's a place where you could comment on her posts.

This is kind of an odd thing, but I'll check it out in my more leisurely moments. (I'm sitting here in my fire-engine yellow gym shorts, an old, holey, generic Wisconsin t-shirt and my Dad's cowboy hat - to block the glare off my glasses from the overhead light - with my feet on the desk. How much more leisurely can you get?) Anyway, it's a Free Translation Forum. I don't know how that can be considered a blog, but whatever...

I was going to link this guy but he's done. However he has a most interesting link: The Whig. Another one of those crazy New Zealanders. I believe I'll give some priority to that one. I like this, and then I don't, and then I do again:
Hell no! I'm not a "right winger", even though I hate socialism a lot more than I dislike the moral majority. But I do think a free economy is a higher priority than eliminating conservative intervention initiatives such as the recently introduced power of police to confiscate cars without trial. Either way, I believe the state should respect the rule of law and leave people alone.

It's pretty hard for this guy to get new hits at this location when he's moved here. I imagine I'll do that myself after a while.

He's from Illinois. He doesn't need my help. I kind of like his stuff though. He's got a good piece on stem cell research.

This guy's only a hundred points below me, but since he disappeared from the blogosphere mysteriously on Nov. 3, it isn't encouraging. Either for me to give him a link or for his future as a blogger.

Well, gotta help get the Christmas tree up.

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