Friday, March 05, 2004

John B. had a comment

on my post from the other day about the Walton fortune:

It all boils down to who your god is...God or money.
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I study economics on the side, and I particularly like Ludwig von Mises' characterization of econ as the study of Human Action, or actually econ would be the branch of Human Action (praxeology) he called catallactics--trading behavior. I was going to try to summarize that page by exerpting but I find that the economy (I guess that's a pun here, though not a funny pun) of his language defeats the effort.

I have mentioned (this is the first entry of three; scroll up) a desire to write about "the love of money is the root of all evil" and how Monetarists, Keynesians and Marxists are all afflicted with "the love of money" while Austrians (the economic school of thought, not the nationality), Objectivists and Christians are not.

[A caveat: the latter three groups may only be lumped together on this issue. I wouldn't want to see what would happen if you tossed one of each into a burlap bag and tied the end shut. The previous troika seem to be getting along famously as advisors to European and American governments.]

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