Friday, March 19, 2004

For those of you who think guys like me have no experience in life

this is one thing in the background:

'D___ so far has done really well with the radiation. He has 5 more days to
go. A___ said saturday evening, Mom you should see D___, they have a toy room, he sits down and plays with Mr. Potato Head, all of these nurses are
coming thru the hall, and saying "Oh, he's so cute, he's so good, how many more
days do we get to see him, we just love him", all the time he's playing and
making all of those little boy noises, that no one seems to teach them, they're
just born knowing how to make. The Dr. comes in and says "D___ are you ready?" The first time D___ usually ignores them, so the Dr. says again, "D___ are you ready?" so D___ says Yes, or (his new word) Sure. He then picks up Mr. Potato Head puts him under his arm, says "Come on Mom" and walks to the radiation room by himself, he knows the way and doesn't need any help. They get into the room and there is a huge machine in the room, A___ picks him up and holds him, he plays with Mr. Potato Head while they put the medicine in his port, he's making all of those little boy noises, and all of a sudden he stops looks at her, and she says are you getting sleepy, and he says yes, and then he's asleep. What a blessing that he is only 2 years old and doesn't have any fear or know to worry. Wish that it was that simple for mommy, daddy, papa, and nana. They say that he could start feeling the effects of the radiation this week, but so far he's doing well. They are giving him a medication for nausea, because he threw up on the way home from the hospital last thursday, and then again saturday. But he is eating really well, playing, talking and laughing alot. He even went fishing with his papa last week. What a blessing Grandchildren are!!! Thank you for your continued prayer. Love to all, B___"

Ok, this is happening a thousand miles from me, but I pray for these people every day.

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