Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Well, this ain't funny

Bomb Destroys Baghdad Hotel, Kills Dozens
Associated Press Writers

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP)--A thunderous car bomb shattered a five-story hotel housing foreigners in central Baghdad on Wednesday night, killing 27 people and leaving a jagged, 20-foot-wide crater just days before the anniversary of the start of the Iraq war.

I suppose an honorable man would come clean about how he thinks about the War on Terror.

It's tough for me, because people I admire very much are against it, and I respect their principles. The Advocates for Self-Government, Austrian economists and many members of the Libertarian Party have posted strong positions against it.

ARI said to nuke 'em.

This will require more sustained contemplation than I have time for here and now, but I have to say that I back Bush's measured, targeted, long-range approach as the only good response. And I think his approach to immigration showed the same high level of strategic thought.

We need to eliminate and dissuade these enemies. Then we can dismantle the "empire."

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