Saturday, March 20, 2004

Eeyore's Journal, huh? I'll have to look at that...

Oh! Sorry! I got distracted. FFF has this quote heading their website today (er, actually it's the email update I get):

"Government does not create liberty; on the contrary, government is the one persisting danger of human liberty.... This role of government as the enemy of liberty was well understood by the Founding Fathers of the Republic. They wished government to have sufficient power to 'restrain men from injuring one another.' But beyond that, they tied it down securely with constitutional limitations, separation of powers, bills of rights, and other legal barriers and barbed wire entanglements.

-- Clarence Manion"

Check out Hornberger's Blog. He's talking about the hypocrisy of America bitching about Mexico taxing imported beverages containing corn syrup while we tax imports of sugar (thus raising it's price to the point that beverage and candy producers have all switched to high fructose corn syrup) and subsidize corn.

Where the hell's my book. Stinking MIBs took it...

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