Monday, March 15, 2004

This man is calling out the Spaniards' manhood!

Once again from the Asia Times [he calls himself Oswald Spengler]:

"Spain's death-knell sounded long before the train bombings in Madrid, however. No country in the world is more determined to disappear. The country's fertility rate of 1.12 live births per female is the lowest in the world. As recently as 1975, at the death of strongman Francisco Franco, the fertility rate stood at 3 births per female in 1976. By 2050 Spain will have lost a quarter of its population. Germany and Italy, whose fertility rates fell earlier than Spain's, will lose a third, according to economist Anthony Scholefield.

"Socialist voters may not have worked out the arithmetic; Jose Zapatero's supporter in the street simply does not want to be burdened with America's distant wars, especially if they draw fire at home. It all amounts to the same thing. Countries too lazy to produce their next generation will not fight. Who will lay down his life for future generations when the future generations simply will not be there?

"Old Europe's people, religion, culture and fighting mettle have imploded together. The Europeans are not so much defeatist as resigned to extinction."

I generally don't go for that sort of analysis, but there's a difference between racial survival - which I could not care less about, outside of the personal and familial components - and intellectual survival. I want the philosophy of freedom to survive and benefit my offspring. I'm with Spengler on this one. Nuff said.

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