Friday, March 12, 2004

I do intend to reclaim the term Liberalism

for us good people, as opposed to people who want to control their neighbors.

The question I have for my friend John is, why do you think that most people aren't warm, loving and kind like you? Why wouldn't we apply the advances in medicine of the last 50 years to the alleviation of our neighbors' pain? Most people are trying to do so right now, through government. I just believe the government is the wrong tool. It has a legal monopoly on the aggressive use of force and it has a strong tendency to throw it into the mix.
Here, are some other solutions:

"Mutual Aid Societies.

"What is a Mutual Aid Society?

"Mutual Aid Societies are typically clubs or associations that are created for the purpose of providing social and economic services and insurance for their membership through mutual aid (as opposed to capitalist enterprise or reliance on the government). Mutual Aid Societies have taken many forms in the past – some revolutionary in purpose, some merely practical or, at best, reformist. The idea of mutual aid societies dates back to the middle ages, but the still existing examples of mutual aid societies were born in the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

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