Wednesday, March 17, 2004

ARI on outsourcing

Dear Editor:

The widespread condemnation of American companies for outsourcing their operations has no legitimate moral basis. American companies have the moral right to cut their costs and maximize their profits by doing business with anyone anywhere on earth (excluding, of course, people or businesses in countries that threaten or are at war with America).

The claim that outsourcing jobs hurts Americans misses the big picture. If companies that need to outsource to be competitive won't do it, they won't remain in business for long, and thus won't be able to offer Americans *any* jobs. Moreover, while true that Americans who would have taken the outsourced jobs will have to look for work elsewhere, the fact is that *all* American consumers benefit from the lower production costs and prices that result from outsourcing.

Just as Americans are right to shop for the best deals, American companies are right to shop for the best hires. And just as Americans have no moral obligation to buy American goods, American companies have no moral obligation to employ American workers.

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute

2121 Alton Parkway #250
Irvine 92606 CA
(949) 222-6550 ext 226

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