Monday, March 01, 2004

I'm going back over emails I've sent

Here's one to Dave Thompson:

I just saw you on At Issue. Great job! Did you drill every stupid idea that's come down the pike in the last year?

Maybe we should start a new Libertarian Party that takes defense seriously (the world is too messy a place to treat acts of war as individual crimes--individualism breaks down when members of another collective attack you for being a member of whatever group they pigeonhole you in).

George Bush is a strategic thinker. Like George Washington, he's not concerned about winning any particular battle. He's in it to win the war. He's taking the War on Terror to the enemy, and he's keeping the fighting out of here.

I'm just concerned about his communitarian goals. Communitarianism is just "Socialism with a Human Face". Socialism might be a fine philosophy if it didn't involve government force, but unfortunately that's all it is is tax & create a government program & take over sectors of private activity. Steal & butt in.

Here's a slogan: Big Government is Rude Government.

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