Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I get the Liberator Online sent to me via email.

Link. The most recent ones aren't online yet, it appears, but don't be afraid to sign up for them. It's easy to get out of if you don't like it.

Michael Cloud, in his Persuasion Power Points, summarizes Nathaniel Branden:


"No One Is Coming to the Rescue"
by Michael Cloud

No one is coming to set you free.

No one is on the way to restore your liberty.

No one is coming to rescue your life, liberty, and property.

That's great news, says psychologist Nathaniel Branden.

Dr. Branden was intensely interested in what triggered the stunning
progress he saw in successful psychotherapy clients.

"Radical transformation and extraordinary personal growth begin,"
observed Nathaniel Branden, "after they realize that no one is coming
to the rescue."

Clients said, "When I finally allowed myself to face fully my own
responsibility for my life, I began to grow and change."

Dr. Branden discovered that you empower yourself when you say and mean
and act upon these declarations:

"I am responsible for the attainment of my desires and goals."

"I am responsible for my choices and actions."

Nathaniel Branden is right. You are the Prime Mover of your choices
and actions. You are Dominant Cause of your decisions and behavior.
And even when life deals you a bad hand, how you play it - how you
respond - is up to you.

"No one is coming to the rescue," says Dr. Branden.

This toughlove truth pulses with power and energy.

No one is standing in your way.

No one is holding you back.

Cloud goes on to apply this to Libertarian activism, but I thought this much was powerful enough to share more directly.

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