Sunday, March 07, 2004

I blogged more'n I shoulda yesterday.

Pushin' my luck now.

Catholic Packer Fan referred to "his" Yankees today. I wonder who he likes in basketball and hockey. Of course I just default to the Minnesota teams for the three sports under discussion. The Bucks and the Brewers never did much for me, except for the great Beer Town Rivalry when the Cards and the Brew Crew met in the World Series.

[T. J. Lubinsky's raising money for PBS behind me. Somebody needs to make a song called T. J. Lubinsky's The Man! for making all these shows about '50's and '60's music. My musical tastes were formed in the Seventies. Sorry.]

Although I was a UM-Duluth student, I tended to hang around with my Superior buddies and raise hell for the YellowJackets in football and hockey, and I tried basketball but I couldn't understand a word those guys were saying. My buddy Jon could handle that, but then he actually likes basketball.

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