Sunday, February 22, 2004

Where'd my book go?

Oh, well.

I didn't find much useful online about the Upanishads, before I got that book, so I thought I'd share some of mine. Would you like an Upanishad? I haven't actually read ahead in this story, but it looks like Yama is about to explain the afterlife.

Hey, I typed that, slightly condensed, exerpt with only two typos. Too bad I didn't time myself.

Update: whoops! I just spell-check it. Three typos have to be added. I'm aftaid I'll have to poinder the meaning of that. It appo/roaches incompetence.

Sorry, I took so long getting back to it, but the old compaq was acting up, so I defragged the memory. But that didn't do it, so I put all my picture files on CD and cleared out that space, then it took ungodly long to re-defrag. Plus, the baby woke up and took 7 oz of milk out of a bottle mom pumped for her, then when the wife got home [uh, the last two matronly terms refer to the same woman, who is not my genetic antecedent] she had to feed her some more. And she shows some signs of starting to teeth. Did you get all those pronouns straight?

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