Thursday, February 19, 2004

They told me Catholics were going to Hell...

John Burzynski's message sounds just like a lot of sermons I grew up hearing from the various fundamentalist churches I went to. I say that as a compliment to all concerned.

I sent John a letter the other day, I hope it's all right to print it:
Hey, John,

I'm actually a Libertarian (just got my card in the mail). You can see my views--if you read back a ways, my blog is more like my notes on life while I try to figure out how to organize something I'd like to try to publish (an admission that 'I got nothin'!')--at

By the way, I have encouraged my 50 readers to check your blog out. I'm open minded to good thinking wherever it comes from; my views are likely to change soon. I'm becoming more convinced of the efficacy of praying to Jesus. It does seem that The Lord blesses those whom I bless.


Al Erkkila
Of course, Ayn Rand would oppose that take with the Benevolent Universe Premise: life's not as nasty as those with a complicated pack of contradictions to sell would like you to believe. As long as you don't consider work to be beneath you.

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