Friday, February 27, 2004

My response to a

gentleman who wanted to express the other side of the gay marriage issue:

I don't stand with the President on this one. In fact, I pretty much only stand with him on his conduct of the war on terror.

The Government doesn't confer sanctity, and the benefits it does provide are a bribe to get us to join in worship of it. Almost all the problems government has been given credit for solving were solved by private actions, either business or charity, before the government got off its dead ass and stuck in its dead hand.

I am against any established religion warping its theology to fit you in, but Deism, the Religion of Thomas Jefferson's "Laws of Nature and Nature's God" would not reject you. I believe you are a product of nature, and I've seen gays produce. I'm impressed. You must be a part... The future would be sadder/weaker/uglier/whatever without your contribution.

That's a bit of a digression, but it's meant


Alan Erkkila.

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