Monday, February 23, 2004

Well, once again it's later'n hell.

Quick update on where I'm at. Still sober, but it's all just luck today. I suppose I can credit my priorities, as adjusted by trial and error: I don't put my desire for a drink (at least not the first drink) ahead of my family's needs, as my knowledge of those needs grows more sophisticated.

I was going to get into Yama's discussion of the afterlife, but I got bogged down over at Amanda's blog reading the discussion of whether the humanities or sciences are better. I vote: the distinction is false. She started the thing Friday night, and I got to it tonight, so my comments are way at the end.

I just advocated Epicureanism in a vague way, and slandered deconstructionists as proto-nihilists. J.B.'s comments seemed very much the most cogent. Better than HAC's even.

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