Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Harry Binswanger beat me to it.

And did it better. I was going to come out of the closet on this side of the War on Terror, Maybe I have and didn't notice. He's right about Libertarians too, on this issue.

I still say that Bush is a better strategic thinker when it comes to the use of the military than anybody else out there.


The Democrats do have something to pillory Bush with--and they'd get my vote if they used it. It's not: "Why did you think the threat from Iraq was 82% when it was only 58%?" It's: "Why did you go against the Little Satan, Iraq, while turning a blind eye to the Great Satan, Iran?"

I'd oppose to that what I call the Matt Helm doctrine: when you're holding a gun on a guy and his buddy comes up and sticks a gun in your back, you shoot the guy you've got the gun on and then worry about the second guy. No hostage games, no negotiations. Just win. If you play games, you die.

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