Monday, March 20, 2006

Blundering about like the typical bourgeois American that I am

I ran across an oldish post of mine that I thought rated reiteration:
I pretty much acknowledge all the collectivist epithets that could be hurled my way as things to be proud of. "Finnlander" is considered an ethnic slur by my ancestors who are still living. It was a term of real social oppression for some who are still living in our neck of the woods. I suppose "Jew-lover" might be used against me in a way that would make me see red. And if someone were to seriously insult my black or Mexican friends I would be very angry. And, as I've said before, I have deep respect for a number of gay people that I don't want to see harmed or hurt.

I do get tired of accusations that, since I'm white guy, I have no understanding of oppression. All of my Finnish ancestors were forced out of the mining careers that they were promised, upon entering this country, by the current members of the unions of the time.

They did manage to find work in the logging camps and/or were allowed to homestead farms, which they managed with great success.

Whoops! Story time!

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