Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I see the Blog-Ads think I'm an ally of the anti-globalists

I consider that a defamation of character (though I promise I won't retain a lawyer over the matter).

No, indeed! I'm a great fan of Globalization, Creative Destruction, Progress and, what Virginia Postrel calls Dynamism. Does Peter Drucker have a term for it? I'd throw that in too.

I don't worship at the shrine of today's political boundaries. They were different ten years ago. I'd say they're better now and they've been improving, by my JUDGMENT for the last thirty or so years.

I believe in political boundaries; they shouldn't be violated by their neighbors... as long as The Authorities inside said boundaries weren't violating the rights of their citizens.

The economics of globalization? Guess what kids: Adam Smith and Ricardo (and Malthus, Say and Bastiat) mastered the field over 150 years ago. That is: open trade to Everyman and both sides will profit.

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