Monday, October 17, 2005

I've been a little distressed about the fact that my studies of Objectivist philosophy and Austrian economics,

which I believe are pretty much correct, over the past decade haven't led to any practical results - i.e. a material improvement in my quality of life - and wouldn't be likely to do so for anyone looking to better their* own condition. So I've begun to study the actions of people who actually practice Capitalism. I judge those practitioners their adherence to the teachings of the philophers: Objectivists and Austrians both preach honesty and openness - Glasnost and Perestroika, if you will - with customers, partners, investors and neighbors - anyone who might be harmed by fraudulent claims or destructive practices.

Since marketing and sales seem to be the capitalistic activities most under attack these days, I have decided to focus my attention on them to see if the attacks are warranted. Not being a "people person" myself, I thought I'd particularly be suited to join the marketers. I want to learn marketing and join them to see if the claims made are accurate as well as to find out if the claims of those who push marketing as a career will help guys like me achieve prosperity. [bad--edit]

*Unlike Robert Ringer, and many others, and also unlike more politically correct types, who would have us use he/she, his/hers or other cumbrous terminology, I'm inclined, by the fact that I had three older sisters very close to my own age to use the plural "they" as my generic term. I'm emboldened by the fact that Finnish has a non-sex-specific third person pronoun "h¨an"; and, even with that, they've taken to using "se," which means "it," as their colloquial third-person pronoun.

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