Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm sorry, Ron. I am communicating poorly.

I am not the person to defend atheism or anarchy. I must back down because I don't know enough about either to make the case for them.

What I need to be preaching is Love. Just as I said on the other blog. What I want people to do is love one another. I don't understand that subject any better, but it seems a lot more promising than arguing about religion or politics.

And it has the advantage of being something that I can do right now, here in my home and tomorrow at work.

And on the blog here, I have to say that I've said things to hurt Ron. Not all here. Not most here. But it's important enough for me to publicly apologize here.

There is, unfortunately a "but" that I can't ignore without sacrificing complete sincerity. I'm in therapy. Some of what has been said here is part of that process and I don't want to do anything to queer that. Rather, it's an outcome of that process. No, my therapist hasn't told me to say any of this - neither this apology nor the fight I started to necessitate it. He'd probably be appalled if I told him I was going to, or had. Actually, I have no idea what he'd say about it. I haven't let him get a word in edgewise; I've just been spewing out everything that has occurred to me over the past twenty-some years.

My Defenses are telling me to protect myself here, by making my stomach churn. I don't know if they're right or not. I've been listening to nothing but them for a helluva long time. And I'm not sure what they mean.


Starsplash said...

Love is an enigma. As much a light.
It is just there.

Having this fight gives me the chance to pound you for being dishonest with me for so long.

Be that as it may. Sometimes when you least want to you have to exhibit love. Unfortunately it is tainted by the bitterness of giving when you do not want to give or care to give.

Life is perfectly fair. When we miss the mark we pay for it with some of our life. It shortens it a little. Men are so faithless in that we think that telling a lie; even if we think it is of no import, will help us live longer.
For some reason it just causes our "guts to churn".

I sincerely envy those who never ever find themselves in a place where they are made to consider a lie as efficable. I strive to find this place. I have decided that the path to such a place is baldly forcing myself to tell the truth irreguardless of the consequences.
I am still alive. I must be heading in the right direction.

By boldly announcing your failings you must be on a true path to recovery.

I do not know why but Sonja and I have had a couple of great arguments lately and for some reason it was very theraputic for her. ??????? I do not have a reasonabel explanation as to why it is so. It is like we are addressing some old angst she has had. Maybe we want to yell because it is so politically incorrect and it is our way of sticking it to the morons who have intellectualy forbidden such a thing.
Man could I go off about that one.
There is not enough time in the day to.

Your my brother I forgive you.

I think it will be named YELL-A-THERAPY. They should seperate the family members in a bullet proof glass booth though.

We are on separate pages and may always be.

Al said...

I said I'd defend atheism. I find your attacks on it bizarre and it's easier to defend it by assuming the position. (Ho ho! That's gotta be a multiple entendre.)

Actually I'm not even defending atheism, I'm just asking why we believe.

We want to be honest with each other, so I have to say that I don't see any reason to have faith in anything for which nobody I know has produced tangible proof that they can share with me.

There are people acting on ideas...

Oh, my assertion that Marxism is godless Christianity is rather overstated. I'm pretty sure Marx liked Compte's version of altruism - if you get back as much or more than you give, you're not acting morally - but even I think there's more to Christianity than that.

Starsplash said...

The only thing bizarre is killing 100 million people because they do not believe as you do. In an apparent attepmt to spur a debate you defend the indefensible.
Next to that I could defend any position and look good.

I could defend a complete nut and total insanity and still be better.

Now in a less combative tone....

Why do we believe? The belief is in the results. Go ask the best of the saints you can find the answer will be the same.

My answer is:

Jesus says.Mat 11:27 All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.

Turn to Jesus and Ask for him to show you the Father. Then wait, patiently.

I waited for 22 years and then was I shown.

I say that God made all that is in the universe with love. I believe the verses that say that God is love and light. But the religion of pantheism is amiss in that God's heart and mind is not in the material of this universe.

Asking me to show you proof of God is an impossibility for me or anyone.

I can point you to the results of a nation making an effort to be be close to God and the direct results of a nation that refuses to follow God and the results of a nation that turns it's back on God. Ultimately it is God who chooses to cause to believe or not. Or in the case of an atheist the probable coincidence. Each of the three cases I mention here have occurred In my own lifetime.

1963: Supreme court ruling against school prayer. That very same year protest of all types break out int the U.S.. Pres. JFK assassinated.

Order and prosperity not fully restored until the early 80's. Coincidentally Major efforts to reinstall school prayer by constitutional amendment begin in early 80's.
Hindered by the Clinton administration and surprisingly publickly squashed By George Bush 1 week after his inauguration in 1991.
Coincidentally that very same year the World Trade Center was destroyed sending us the U.S. and this time the rest of the world down brand knew road of s--t.

Sounds like Ripley's believe it or not.
Sounds like believe it if you want to.
I say it is completely relational. Connected.
The world says it is just a coincidence.

Is it coincidence?

Al said...

Those governments didn't kill all those people because they - the leaders - were atheists, but because those victims were inconvenient to the imposition of a false moral (and economic) ideology. Most of the people who died died because of the inhuman economic policies. The direct persecutions of the various religions were not nearly as disastrous to the population as the stupid economics - based on a stupid morality.

Starsplash said...
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Starsplash said...

That does not negate the fact that they were athiests.

Mat 12:39

But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:

The educated and theological amongst the Church say that this only applied 2000 years ago. But does that say that here? No. It doesn't.

Who was Jonas. We know for sure who Jonah was but who was Jonas.

I can't remeber reading anything about the prophet Jonas in the Bible. Stromgs concordance says it is the same name as Jonah.

I say that this is the time frame Jesus was talking about.

You are asking for some sign, actually I think you have made up your mind and would like to comvince me perhaps that there is no God. How you gonna do that when I have made up my mind. I am 50. Not just set in my ways but set in stone. I apparently do not.

I have my reasons to believe and you have no reason to believe. So be it.

You can not prove to me that athiesm is efficable nor edifying because their current history is that of atrocity where as the current history of Christianity is not of general atrocity.

I will associate nothing more to atheism as a general whole. Athiesm took it's shot and is a dying breed and ever shrinking.

The war against communism/atheism is in my blood. I fought it my way. Ultimatley my way won. We never fought on a battlefield. Thank God because the battlefield would have been planet Earth and we would be spending the next couple of hundred years trying to put mankind back together again if at all.
You chose to belong to the people who brought the world to that brink.
I forgive them but I will not be allowing atheism to trump They take a back seat and they don't get to backseat drive.

I feel sorry for atheists. They live there lives and then die and go into oblivian. Many are ok with that. OK. So be it. I know that there is more. That there is a life here after. Though I sought not the proof, it was given to me.
I seek not to prove to you the same and can not.
I am still the single minded individual I started out as.

I can and do point out the very recent historical events that I relate as pertenant.

Ultimately it will be God who chooses to make you believe or not let you believe.

Beyond that I don't care other than to continue to try and find ways to help people in need.
As such so long as you are alive fall into that category. Human. Need food, roof, clothing. That's all I do.