Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hey, kids! See if you can follow ol' Stef

out to the end of this one True News 42: Morality, Atheism and Child Abuse!

I you want to check his references, he talks about this study here and refers to an earlier video here.

There's a link there on the video that will let you go straight to YouTube where you can see what other commenters have to say about this.


The probligo said...

Guilty as charged yer Honour. Guilty as charged.

I can recall giving my kids a good wallop when it was deserved. I recall (particularly) literally kicking my daughter off the road where she had been riding her tricycle down the middle of the street.

Yes, yer honour. I abused my kids and I am an atheist.

You want to meet my daughter, yer honour, the one I kicked - the one who has been known to practice beating up on other people with large sticks and steel swords. All 6 foot of her.

She is at work, earning her (respectfully large) salary as an Account Manager for a power utility.

And yes, yer honour, she is as much an atheist as am I...

Al said...

So, you didn't listen to it. Or you're trying to set others who didn't on the wrong track for your own nefarious reasons.

Starsplash said...

Prob. I was worse. I taught my kids to 'gasp defend themselves from smart mouth bullies which I am proud to say was an extreme success.

My daughter completely thumped black and blue a young tough who attacked her with the extreme mixed matial arts techniques she learned from me and my son was equally violent against other abusers of peoples personage coming to the rescue of more than one other person.

I am proud to say that my kids are as kind and wonderful as I could hope for.

They are my properly paddled shweetie babies.

Al said...

You guys have fun, eh?