Friday, June 05, 2009

I had a couple teeth yanked today.

I'm surprised I'm not out cold right now. They told me they were prescribing Vicoden for me, but I think my wife just picked up whatever they prescribed for her. She had one out too. She's afraid I'll get hooked on the crap, I'm sure.

I'm actually pretty sure I won't. I'm working on the issues my subconscious wanted me to deal with, so I don't think it'll be flailing around so wildly now. I'm not so confident that I feel free to roam the aisles at the liquor store - thinking about cheap, strong, high-gravity beer still sucks me in, but other things don't, really. I never was that big a fan of hard liquor... I mean, don't set your bottle of scotch right in front of me... but if I walked into a store that only had hard booze and wine, even if I had a pocketful of cash, I don't think I'd be that strongly tempted to turn away from the joys of sobriety. I'd found the buzz I was looking for.

Interestingly, I can still get most of that buzz just by staying up, staring at a computer screen until ungodly hours of the morning.


Anonymous said...

ron said:

Drive around 1000 miles that'll get the road buzz for you.

Al said...

You should stop that.

Ha! That reminds me of "I know, sir! And if you don't stop that, you'll go blind!"

LibertyBob said...

I don't know that you have too much to worry about from the Vicodin. They put me on something like that when I got me dental crown. The stuff made me feel like so much crap that I threw them away rather put up with the side effects. It was better to put up with the pain.

Al said...

I guess it is Vicodin. Didn't notice much of an effect at all. Maybe it killed pain. Hard to say.

Oh, I forgot to thank my Dad for the teeth. Thanks, Dad.

Starsplash said...

I love pain. Very soul cleansing.

The only pain killer that worked on me was the morphine the doc gave me after my surgeries. The rest just give me a headache. I threw them away.

My wife answers the booty call so no blindness for me.