Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Terrorists in our borders (invadesoda)

In the U.S. we know Hezbollah as an international terrorist group. But there are two sides to this coin. To much of the world, Hezbollah is also known for its hospitals, schools, and reconstruction projects. It also has a powerful political lobby in Iran, Syria, and to a lesser extent, Lebanon, which it uses to lobby for the destruction of Israel.

I can't help thinking how striking the resemblance is to AARP in the United States. Instead of operating hospitals, they offer low-cost medical insurance, and lobby for expansion of socialized medicine programs such as Medicare. Instead of operating schools, they educate the public of refi scams and predatory scams aimed at seniors. And instead of firing missiles into Israel, they use their political lobby to commit violence of a different sort. They fire missiles toward their own grandchildren by lobbying against Social Security reforms that would make it less likely that future generations would retire in poverty.

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