Thursday, April 20, 2006

It never occurs to those whoresons in the legislature

that acts that are "immoral" for private citizens are also immoral for the government. I used the quotes because I tend to doubt the immorality, or unethicality, if that's a word, of business collusion or natural monopolies.

It is especially immoral for the government to pull a gun on the electorate and force us to pay high prices for any producer's product. [Calm down, Al. Step away from the exclamation mark.]

This is a comment I would like to put on this post at Homeland Stupidity. [The guy's URL is It looks like an error message.] The article is titled, "Government Drives Up Milk Prices Again."

Here are the worthy bloggers who led me to that post: Left Brain Female, VodkaPundit and Lance.

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