Thursday, October 09, 2003

While I was goofing off

Actually, I was cleaning the garage, helping my pregnant wife with the house work, busier'n hell at work, buying a new truck, changing my sexual preference... Just kidding on that last one.

Anyway ARI sent me this: Baby Kim's Secret Weapon, by John Dawson. An Exerpt:

But despite their explicit premise that there is no universal standard of morality, the
moral relativists implicitly take one moral precept for granted, as if it were
unquestionable: altruism. According to altruism, the ethics of self-sacrifice, the rich
and powerful are guilty by the mere fact of their success and are duty-bound to
sacrifice their wealth to those who have less. Thus, rich and powerful America must
assume moral responsibility for the impoverished North Koreans.

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