Thursday, October 09, 2003

Blogger showed me this guy

who promises to be a good introduction into the study of legal matters.

He's talking about what a weany George Will is today.
Here's a taste:

"Speaking of bad smells, Will's screed just reeks with contempt for voters, for democracy and for everybody who isn't the kind of conservative who carried a briefcase in junior high. Well, he's full of it. I have never been as proud to live in a democracy as when I was waiting in the orderly line to cast my vote last Tuesday. No anger, not even any talking. It was quiet, like people were in church. These were ordinary people, and a lot of them, who took their duties seriously, who were taking time off from working for a living (and not by telling other people how to govern themselves) to be citizens. Will needs a little more Ron and a lot less Nancy Reagan in his conservatism. Maybe somebody should buy him a horse (but, please, with a Western saddle!)."

American common sense, what Ayn Rand called our Sense of Life, is reasserting itself upon discovering from experience what a failure Socialism is.

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