Friday, October 03, 2003

Blogger knocked me off my train of thought with a survey.

Aw, they wouldn't let me link you to it. They know their bloggers. We're all a bunch of anarchistic smart-asses.

Here's a riddle in Fannee Doollee format:

Al likes anarchy, but he doesn't like chaos! What's up with that?

I occasionally donate to The Advocates for Self-Government (let's see, where's that link.... Aw, crap! I gotta open another window.... Do any of you guys know what this file named with a tilde symbol is, that I keep having appear in various places in my computer? A virus, I'd guess, but it doesn't seem to harm anything. Yet.)
Ah, here it is.
Anyway, here's the secret. I run my own life. Well or shittily it's up to me. I get help when I need it, but it is I who goes and gets the help. I learned a long time ago, that whenever I depend on anyone else for my satisfaction, I end up waiting a hell of a long time.
Ludwig von Mises says that nobody does anything except to relieve a felt discomfort.
Whoops! Lileks got me to searching for Jessica Hahn.
Aah! A little girl wants me to read her a bedtime story. Ahem.
Good thing I had the blog over the other window.
Enough of this foolishness! You've Dad business to attend to.

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