Friday, July 17, 2009

Forts Folle Avoine Rendezvous in Danbury, WI this weekend

Call it fantasy camp, if you will.

It would have been nice to have today off, so we wouldn't have to hustle our butts up there tonight and pack our crap in. We need to remember to leave offerings out for the brownies who'll come clean up the house while we're out. I've heard they're really good.

Google doesn't seem to have any pictures of the place, which is north of Yellow Lake, a mile or two west of Wisconsin 35. This map'll get you there.

Ooh! If your map turns out like mine, those pointers are off. It's that area by the Historical Society marker east of the river and the entrance is about half a mile east of that; the next right after Trading Post Road coming west from WI 35.

But they do have a good website. Note that there are two forts there. Find out why. Or is this link better?


LibertyBob said...

By the time you read this comment, you will probably have gotten back. Keeping that in mind, I''ll treat the event as having already happened.

I hope you had fun!

Al said...

Actually, we couldn't get out before dark Friday night or out of bed Saturday morning, so we just watched a couple movies, went out to OCBarfit and the used bookstore (ha, that's funny, sort of) and did yard work & played outside.

People might be amused to hear that I was drafted to read in church yesterday. I was in relatively good voice and didn't butcher it too bad.

LibertyBob said...

As long as you had fun.

So, what did they let you read? I hope it was something good.

Al said...

The 23rd Psalm (I must be a star to get that one), and a terrible tongue-twister by Paul about the circumcised and uncircumcised followers of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

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