Thursday, August 17, 2006

Conservative Manifesto (invadesoda)

Lately I have been thinking about my ongoing transition from conservative to conservative-libertarian. Since it is too easy to get distracted by the policy issues of the moment, especially as a blogger, I have deliberately attempted to pick the most enduring conservative beliefs, the ones I am likely to keep no matter what and the ones I will try to instill in my daughters. It's a very short list so far. I see these principles as the basis for both social and economic issues. I also find the seeds of libertarianism in these statements.

  • I owe my family more than I owe other people's families.
  • Big government with the best people in charge is still big government.
  • You cannot strengthen society by weakening the individual.
  • It is still possible to succeed at making a living through honest work (in the absence of a tax policy that punishes honest work).

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