Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Been busy. Sorry.

Well, I went to a Rendevous the other day. That's a meeting of Voyageur era reenactors, not a clandestine tryst between secret lovers. At least in this case. It was my first and I won a powderhorn for taking first in the stone throwing contest.

A hand-made powderhorn. By an expert, professional artisan. The redundancy is for emphasis. It's beautiful.

The table of prizes to choose from was astounding. The items were donated by the artisans selling their wares to the public at the event. There was a beautiful, hand-sewn dress (I thought about getting it for my wife, but I was afraid the size might be wrong, and she was encouraging me to get what I wanted), two different writing sets--fountain pen, ink well, and wooden case (etui?) with glass and scrollwork doors, some drawings of voyageurs on the river (just assume I said "beautiful" from here on).

Nah. Those were the things I wanted. There were some other, period (late 18th-early 19th century) appropriate, clothes, hats, jewelry, knives, tools.

Hell, I was happy with the title. If you think you can whup me next year, check out What Voyageurs Wore and meet me in Pine City, Mn early next September. These guys'll update ya.

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