Friday, March 18, 2011

It's quite likely your parents raised you wrong.


If that's the case, you're probably raising (or already did raise) your kids wrong.

Apologize and make amends.

Here's how.  To do the latter, not the former.


The probligo said...

This guy might interest you as well...

His name is Nigel Latta, he is a NZ child psychologist. He has made a number of tv shows on parenting - the on on tv at the moment is about raising teenagers.

Worth it if only for the humour. Here as an intro are his 10 basic rules...
1. Remember the three R’s
2. Loving is easy, liking is hard
3. Children are piranhas
4. Feed the good, starve the bad
5. Kids need fences
6. Be consistent-ish
7. Don’t take any crap
8. You gotta have a plan
9. All behaviour is communication
10. Embrace chaos

Good luck!! :) :) :)

Al said...

OK, looks pretty good. I'll check it out. I gotta find out what he means by "crap." Could be right, might not be. That's a rule that could be easily misunderstood.