Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're having a snowstorm here today

I stuck my camera out the front door and snapped a couple pictures.  Wanna look?


The probligo said...

And here I am sitting in shorts, no shirt, sweating like mad in Aucklands 25C and 85% humidity.

The North has been recognised as a drought area - there has been very little rain there since September. All of the surface rooting grasses in the lawn are burned off. The kikuyu is surviving so far; just.

We were promised rain all day today. There was less than 2mm (just enough to wet the grass) last night.

Al said...

Let's see...big to small, so that's the 32 is...77ºF!? Ooh, baby! Makes me hot just thinkin' about it!

I guess that's a few degrees warmer than my favorite temp.

It's early December here, though, so I'm not bitchin' about it yet. I'm still braggin'. Right now, it's sunny and 3ºF, so that would be what? About -27ºC.

I've been shoveling the driveway since 9:30. Oh, I stopped for half an hour to drive the truck around and let the wind blow the giant drift off it. Can't park in the garage right now; there's a sauna in pieces.

Al said...

Oh, I forgot: I still have about a third of the driveway to clear. I just came in because my toes were about to go numb.

You can get in and out of it now, but I have to finish the job because ...who can say that this will be the last snowstorm we'll have? I'd be seriously behind the eight ball if I left it like it is.

The probligo said...

3F? More like -16C! :)

Today was supposed to be WET. We got passing white fluffies to water the garden.

I like the "Portrait of a Snow Man" :):)

Al said...

I reallized I'd done that wrong about an hour later. :(